Omnipotence Frenzies

Back to the Super-Man
Going forward to the Fifth Century B.C.




2500 years ago there was a man: Protagoras. His best phrase, for which he is well known until today is:

“It is the Man measure of all things; of those they are because they are and of those they are not because they are not”.

This phrase, appearing so mysterious, had an inner simple meaning: “You can do what you want because what you think is what you can be and what you do not think is what you are not.”

Ah! Each person is suggested to believe. So, my potentialities are unlimited, it’s like a road in which I can drive wherever I want, each moment I can cross to another road and then again to another else…. I am a Super-Man, flying to where my thought is now thinking ang again forward to another objective, and so again and again forever.

What a poor people who forward such a kind of thoughts!



But let’s read some phrases (the entire post is easy to find through the web)

Life is an ongoing cycle,
Life is lived moment by moment.
The only moment that matters and counts is the moment you are in right now.
Understand that life’s journey is one of multiple possibility’s and many cross roads at each decision point we make and these roads don’t have speed limits or secure destinations, we are just taking another chance on life.
Remember that this moment right now is the only moment we have control over and the only time we can choose our play.


Then, here’s my insights and comments.

I have an obscure sense of fear to live my life in an everlasting present. Living the life moment by moment is simply unreasonable. I’ll tell you why by using examples.

Driving a car moment by moment will never reach the destination. You must follow the road. The multiple possibilities and the many cross roads are only the one you see in front of you. You must follow the road, otherwise you’ll soon die during an accident.

The inviolable right of life for each human being ends there where it begins the inviolable right of life for those other human beings. You cannot do what you want moment by moment.

Your children can grow because you planned to help their life day by day. This is a project, a reasoned plan established first by Nature through the instinct; second by ethic, when you recognized that this action is well done and it is right and compliant.

Nature: trees, rivers, animals, mountains; they are what they are because of a precise plan, the right formula of it often we do not know. Please, try to imagine an Earth living moment by moment. It’s a perfect chaos. And that is not what we see around us.

What we see from Nature is a perfect plan, perhaps an ongoing cycle, perhaps a mysterious project, but certainly not a chaotic moment by moment, and the cross roads seem to be very few. Rather the final destination of each life seems to be only one: the death. The final destination of the Universe seems also to be the same: the breaking down and the rest.

That is because we must make any effort to oppose the trend to final destination of each thing (the rest), by helping Who or What is maintaining Life and Movement in the Universe.

We must overtake the egoistic care of ourselves (thinking the life can be lived whatever we want); to take instead the care of the other (the “other” begins just where ends our skin) and, in a general thought, we must take care of the entire Universe, imitating Who or What is building a well ordered cosmos in opposition to death and breaking down.



Protagoras, the man who teached the Super-Man, lived just 2500 years ago. I’m surprised that today the same sophistic thoughts emerge almost intact from the dusty past. Surprised and somewhat embittered. Because the cited post has a lot of followers, a lot of enthusiatic people.

Instead of teaching the Super-Man, I want to suggest that the life is hard and full of dangers. You must “dig” a lot of ground to extract a bit of gold.

And we must always use the only instrument it is capable to recognize the fake news from the true: the reasoning.



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