Buona Befana! Happy Befana!


Buona Befana a tutte!, care amiche.


La Befana vien di notte
con le scarpe tutte rotte
col cappello alla romana
viva viva la Befana!

dancing notes

Ecco arriva l’Epifania
che tutte le feste si porta via.


gufo separatore



Happy Befana to all of you, my tender female friends!

In Italy, the 6th January is reserved to celebrate the Befana Day. The tradition wants that, the night before 6th January, an old and ugly woman, dressed like an old bag, with a hooked nose and sitting with open legs to a broom, will go around to donate toys to each child.

When I was young, the Befana Day was more important than the Christmas Day, just because it was the Befana to bring gifts, and not Santa Claus.

Actually, the Christmas Day overtook Befana Day, but Befana is still strong in italian tradition; sure enough the 6th January is still a non-working day, the last day of the long Christmas holidays.

The more beautiful gifts come to us, children, with Befana. We must go to bed soon, during the evening before Befana will come, but believe me it was very difficult to sleep when you’re thinking what kind of gifts and toys she’ll bring to us during the night.


Once become adult, it is a joking fact to ask a woman, the 6th January, if she had a gasping night, during the last one. Usually the woman will smile, because you are comparing her to a Befana, that is an ugly woman. Sometimes, after the smile, you’ll be reached by a friendly little slap to the head, and all will end to a laugh.


This is the meaning of the incoming phrase of the article, I want to repeat just to receive a friendly little slap by all of you, females.

Happy Befana to all of you, my tender female friends!

But… oh my God!… How many slaps are coming… I can’t believe it… I must run away… Goodbye, goodbye… Oh! Ah! Uh!… You also… and you… Oh my God!… Too many slaps… Goodbye!… Ah! Uh!…

gufo separatore



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