To fly. It always has been a desire of the human being.
From the ancient times we always looked at birds with envy, because of their ability to soar into the air, as they would be without weight. Today also, the privilege to fly with own wings is not permitted to us, rough human beings.

But we can dream, following with the eyes a camera it flies for us.    …Then let’s fly!

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Isola d’Elba (Elba Island)

La chiusa di sopra (Upper Sluice)

It is my childhood memory place.
How many dreams, how many baths into the river during Summer, how many child voices, how many dives from the top of that wall.
Now the voices are only in my mind, and I save them tenderly.

Welcome to you, my old Chiusa di Sopra. Farewell to you, my old Chiusa di Sopra.


Castagnino (fairy landscape)

To fly beyond the flowered trees.
Then to stay high there, always high more.
But it’s time to go home. It’s time to leave.

Farewell, gentle land just waking up from the winter hibernation.



Isola d’Elba: Il Laghetto Terranera (Lake)

Terranera Lake. Enchanted place, something like a bit satanic and damned, but also mysterious and fairy. The beach is black because is filled with iron remains: magnetite. The ground is red because full of iron.
Huge iron cliffs lay on the sand.
The skeleton of an iron and rock structure reveals the past use as ware seaport for the rocks dispatched to the foundries.


Isola d’Elba: La Spiaggia Sansone (beach)

To reach the beach you must venture into a steep downwarding path it seems more one creek line. It is the seagulls kingdom. They fly oblique so close the aircraft.
It is their land. It is their kingdom.
Who’s that strange intruder, noisy and clumsy, with those gadgets on its head?.


Isola d’Elba: Spiagge Bagnaia, Cavoli, Mola, Punta Polveraia, Reale (beaches)

Complicated movie, with agitated sea and wind. But very charming.


GPS Map Reference Points

10.282404,42.823445,”Elba Spiaggia di Sansone”
10.110887,42.794267,”Elba Punta Polveraia – Il faro”
10.184144,42.736467,”Elba Cavoli – La spiaggia”
10.394922,42.717506,”Elba Capoliveri – Navetta per Miniera Monte Calamita”
10.431025,42.718145,”Elba Capoliveri – Miniera Monte Calamita”
10.386065,42.760533,”Elba Mola – La baia”
10.416530,42.771298,”Elba Reale – La spiaggia”
10.419899,42.773955,”Elba Laghetto Terranera”
10.419202,42.803545,”Elba Laghetto Terra Rossa”
10.363442,42.810197,”Elba Bagnaia – La spiaggia”