Mirco Cortesi’s Music Page

You can use these musical compositions to accompaign your artistic works such as novels, poetry, films. More simplier, you can listen to these for your pleasure. I only ask to add a link to my web site in your document references.

Please note:  If you encounter troubles to listen to the sounds with clicking to it, right click the link and then choose “open”.

dancing notes

– General Index

  1. Compositions
  2. Musical bases
  3. Notes

I wrote a post about to build a SoundFont. There you will find and download more music examples, my soundfonts and the collection of my ZynAddSubFx instruments. Please go to the post: How to make a sample (music) for a soundfont.


– Compositions

  • Ritual_A_120.mp3, or zip
    Here’s a tropical forest in which an ancient ritual between religious and blasphemous will be consumed. A horn recall starts to pick up the participants. Then it starts a dance, a tribal dance.

  • Hybrid_Melodic_A_080.mp3, or zip
    Here’s a group of solists will go in front of the scene one by one and, with big emphasis, will play your variation over the fundamental theme. The theme is played at the beginning by a kind of ethereal piano. Each new player seems to say at the previous:”Your variation is a joke for me! Listen to this and learn!”. So is it, on by on… until the final farewell, that is also a new beginning, if the public will request it again. Thanks to Ultradust for the drum loop section.

  • Glass_04D3_090.mp3, or zip
    Some percussions to a pole make the starting melody, but it assumes a completely different configuration until you will be twisted in a huge sound explosion it will be abruptly sucked away.

  • Bicchieri_B_080.mp3, or zip
    The pachyderm knelt down and he got on its back. They went together through the forest. Despite the huge mass, the elephant stomps were soft and gently, and he let him lulled by the animal swinging. True percussion of chrystal glasses.
    Music suggested by the reading of “Downward to the Earth”, by R.Silverberg.

  • Pinkollo_A1_090.mp3, or zip
    Which side of the Fog Land do you want to go? Have you a special region to visit during your passage to North? I want to stop at the Shangri La Falls, so we could follow the Madden River and… Gundersen took a twig and wrote on the sand a map of the Occidental Country…
    Music suggested by the reading of “Downward to the Earth”, by R.Silverberg.

  • Aero_C_070.mp3, or zip
    Gundersen started to walk again to the Fog Land. The decision had been made: he wanted to be underwent to the Reborn Process; despite the looking of the old friend Kurz, sickly and invalid on the bed; and despite Seena had implored him to leave that mad intention to go. “Why do you want to go?”, screamed at him with ters on her eyes, “Why that?, What a waste!”. Seena still loved him and she didn’t want to loose him like she did loose Kurz.
    Music suggested by the reading of “Downward to the Earth”, by R.Silverberg.

I wish to thank graphic designer Malin Abrahamsson who wanted the sound as musical background for her product “Passage”. Please, enjoy the looking with Malin Abrahamsson’s “Passage”.

  • Eidetico1_B_070.mp3, or zip
    In seven days God made Sky and Earth, and all the human beings. He saw it was a good thing and the seventh day he took a rest. The composition, divided into seven recursive parts, has been inspired by the reading of “The Paradise Lost” by John Milton.


– Musical bases

Musical bases and other sound materials or field-recording samples have been transferred to Freesound, the portal for free sound fans. Querying the user cormi you’ll be able to freely download the material you’ll fin of interest.

People said about my Freesound samples:


– Notes



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